Employment & Careers

Beechwood Home is a unique organization made up of employees with special skills and attributes to meet the needs of our residents. When caring for the sick it takes a special person. It is not sufficient to have a degree or certificate that tells us the person has the book knowledge to perform their responsibilities. At Beechwood Home we employ a three phase employment process.


In the first phase of our employment process, applicants must show they have respected others in the community by not violating the laws set forth by our government and our health care industry. At this phase we also check to make sure the applicant is physically fit to meet the challenges of our organization.


Beechwood Home would then move into the second phase and provide a top rate benefit program, a top salary, a thorough orientation to Beechwood and quality training towards your new duties as a Beechwood employee.


The third phase of our program would be to put everything together to allow you to perform the duties as explained in the initial interview. This is your chance to highlight your qualifications and past experiences to see if there is a true fit. After a 90-day evaluation period allowing you and Beechwood to develop a working relationship, a determination is reached between you and Beechwood to decide if there is a match and both parties can benefit by working together.